RallyZ Term of use

Welcome to Rally Z. Please carefully read each term and condition below. If you agree to all terms, you can use our services. By tapping Accept or Register, and using the services we provided, you are claiming to have read and agreed to all terms. If you are younger than the age of majority, please get your parent or legal guardian to read and agree all terms. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy!

1. Coverage of service

JMY technology co. (called JMY for short) offers the function by servers that isn't containing user's environment accessing internet including revelant equipments and fee.

The relevant services the JMY provided are owned by JMY, also the right of terminating services.

2. The user terms and conditions

The user agrees to provide true and accurate information for registration. The JMY is able to terminate the user account without compensation if information is counterfeit or false. In case the behaviour of user cause any loss of JMY. The user will have to take responsibility to indemnify the JMY, also take the civil criminal responsibility.

The user is not allowed to perform any unauthorized advertisement and promotion through the JMY offering services and does not distribute any false, fraudulent, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing languages for the services.

The user's account is held by the JMY, but the JMY is not accounting the retention of account name and password. The user must self-retain and protect it.

The JMY is not encouraging any private transaction among users, and the JMY won't mediate if any argument.

The user agree to follow the game rule, do not unauthorized plug-in, do not crack and never attack the JMY game servers. If the user unauthorized behaviour is confirmed, the user will have to take full resposibility of JMY business impact and indemnify all losses.

3. The JMY terms and conditions

The JMY has to protect the information user provided, never disclose to the third party excluding JMY's partners co-working for services.

The JMY need to keep the latest playing progress for user. The retentive period is 180 days. The JMY will possibly remove the record if over 180 days without log-in the game service.

The JMY is responsible for the quality of game operation and has to test and fix issues as soon as possible

4. Court

Any litigation arising from this Agreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of Taiwan New Taipei District Court in the first instance.

5. Amendment

This term of use may be revised because of app behaviour change. We will update here or in-app in time.